Hair Cuts $70
Clipper Cuts $60
Children $40 – $55
Above the Shoulder $130.00
Below the Shoulder $145.00
Above the Shoulder $110.00
Below the Shoulder $130.00
Retouch $100
Full Coverage $125.00
Haircut & Retouch $160.00
Haircut & Full Coverage $185.00
Highlights $160.00 – $240.00
Toner Additional $40.00 – $80.00
Special Occasion $55
Bridal Trial $55
Bridal Day of $75

We are dedicated hair stylists who will help you achieve a look you’ll love, whether it’s a precision cut, multi-dimensional coloring or a special-occasion style.

All appointments begin with a thorough consultation so that together we can determine the direction of change you wish to take. More importantly is educating you on the right tools, take-home products and techniques necessary to achieve your individual style. You see, we don’t just sell haircuts, we sell change!

Deva Curl

What is a Deva Cut?

It is a dry cutting technique for natural curly hair. Seeing the curl in it’s natural fall helps a stylist define your curl type. By defining your curl type it helps determine how much length is to be removed for your desired style. Your cut is then finished with the 3 step styling technique that has proven to eliminate frizz. At home on the day of your appointment, allow your hair to completely dry naturally. Do not use any ponytails, clips or head bands on your hair. It is preferred that no styling products are used either but conditioners are fine.